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WALLKI's are small wall objects, created from my thoughts, spoken out loud to my dog. When I walk with the dog in nature, in the silence, I talk to her. She looks, listens and smells. It's already an old little dog. She has heard a lot over the years.

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About - biography

Helene van ’t Hoen (Rotterdam)

I’m a multidisciplinary artist, designer and art historian.

My work consists of autonomous work and commissioned work. For my work I like to collaborate with other professionals. This means that I can design in complete freedom. Because the collaboration means I am not limited to my own techniques.

Of course my environment influences me. I am a curious person and I always look for more possibilities and this reflects in my work. Every move to a new place shows itself in a shift in, for example, the colour palette. The Spanish sun provided blue skye, greens and yellows in the landscape.  Sad or happy circumstances translate directly into shapes and colour.  Living on the beach yielded many found weathered shapes. But also the reporting about the state of our society expresses me. The encounter with that beautiful crow that eagerly begged a piece of plastic was gave me a thought an urgent feeling. He was the start of a large project Plastic What Else. For which I staged a program in the public swimming pool as the final piece.  Not all my work is a pointed indictment, I like to add  a twist. For example, the work Birdies Castle is a response to the reporting about the housing shortage in the Netherlands.




My Resume

shortlist of commisions, exhibitions and projects


2020      Wallki, Galerie de Graanschuur, Wassenaar. solo exposition

2019       Magisch Oord, Gallery Landhuis Bloemhof, Willemstad, Curaçao

2011        Gallery De Blauwe Leuning, The Hague

2010        De Wassenaarse Salon, Council House De Paauw, Wassenaar

2010        iinfiiniit, 6 artists, Pop Up Gallery, The Hague

2010        Museum van Kleef, The Hague. solo exposition

2009        KunstKerst, art installation in a shop window, Leidschendam Centre

2009        Art The Hague art fair, design exposition, The Hague

2003        Gallerye De Blauwe Leuning, The Hague

2002        Spanish House at the Floriade, Vijfhuizen

2000        Gallery van Ingenhoven, Tilburg

1998        Gallery Dec’art, Monaco Solo-exposition

1996        Courthouse, Rotterdam Solo-exposition

1995        Smith Barney Bank, WTC, Amsterdam Solo-exposition

1994        Gallery Avalon, Madrid Solo-exposition


Commisions a.o.

2013        The wall of the parking garage at the municipality Leidschendam-Voorburg

2013        Object on the occasion of the farewell to the President of MKB Leidschendam-Voorburg

2012        Graphic designs, Grüne Woche foor fair Franfurt,  for Fruit-Recruit, Madrid

2012        Awards, Intersearch international, Rotterdam

2011        Design felt walls company restaurant Pharmaline, Oldenzaal

2011        Object moot award, International Criminal Court, The Hague

2011        Cup  best innovative entrepreneur, MKB Leidschendam-Voorburg

2010        Design color scheme interior Pharmaline, Oldenzaal

2010        design for the gateway to the Vlietpop festival,  Leidschendam

2010        design bid book, VZG, Delft

2009        design colorscheme for the interior as a whole for Pharmaline, Oldenzaal

2009        Sweet 123, series of twenty paintings on occasion of a private birthday party

2008        Painting for the new dialysis centre at the hospital  Antoniushove, Leidschendam

2005        Design for a an edition for the policy vision of the ministeries Ontwerp voor het boekje van de ministeries of VROM en VWS, ‘Wonen, zorg en    welzijn op het spoor’. (living, care and welfare on track) as wel as an artwork on occasion of the first presentation to the public.

2003        My home is my castle, serie of three paintings a private commission

2001        Design Christmas cards, Aambeeld BV, Rotterdam

1998        Wall paintings, elementary school Essesteyn, Voorburg

1996        Bibliophile edition, promotional gift, Winkelman Beheer BV, Rotterdam



The Studio

Recently I moved the entire studio to my new home in France. There in the Chateau Cartier Bresson is room for everything, I can do whatever I want. Other artists are also welcome to come and work there. The plans for artists in residence are ready. Now what has to be done is to refurbish the building so that you can work comfortably in all the tranquility that the environment offers: forests, trees, greenery, peace and space, in short, nature. The monumental building in combination with the enormous enchanting park-like garden with trees, over a hundred years old, appeal to the imagination. Follow Chateau Cartier Bresson on my facebook for the latest news and progress and not progress…

Do you have an idea for a commissioned work or a nice plan and do you want to work together, let me know.

Do you want to know more about Chateau Cartier Bresson in Celles sur Plaine? Message me or contact me on Instagram or Facebook










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