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Visual artist
I'll try to shake my memories into the air.
Art is serious fun.
Art Historian
je suis perdue, move along this side please

About - biography

Helene van ’t Hoen (Rotterdam, 1965) is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and art historian.

Helene grew up in Rotterdam. As a little girl her favourite place to play was salvage yard in the harbour. The smell of metal and diesel, the murky water of the harbour and the tall cranes in the backdrop formed the ideal terrain for adventurous wandering.

On the other hand nature played an important role in her youth. There were always animals around in the house, be it pets or wild animals in need of help.

On her way home from school Helene would regularly visit Boymans Museum. That’s where she was introduced to modern art. From the work of Woody van Amen with its crushed cars and plastic dolls, to Memphis with its ostentatiously coloured designs and to Henry Cooper’s ceramic art. “I started with ceramics. To me, reading Cooper’s glaze resipes was like reading a good cookbook.”

After college in Rotterdam, she went to the art academy in Breda and moved on to the university of Leiden to study art history. In the ninetees she made her way to Madrid, Spain, where she lived for many years. After this she came back to live in The Hague.

The diversity of experiences is illustrated in her work that refuses to conform to clear patterns or to one particular style.

“Why comply today, tomorrow we will make different choices.”


My Resume


CKV, specialisatie museumeducatie ICLON, Universiteit Leiden kunstgeschiedenis Universiteit Leiden kunstacademie Sint Joost, Breda

Samenvatting van de exposities, projecten en opdrachten sinds 1994:

[Overige exposities bij Galerie de Molen, Wassenaar; de Wassenaarse Salon, Raadhuis de Paauw, Wassenaar; Galerie Bianca, Wassenaar; Galerie De Tobbe, Voorburg; Ars Aemulae Naturae, Leiden; Salon Peter Booms, Rotterdam | Overige projecten: Project ‘Kunst in de huiskamer’ Lelystad; Project ‘De Pijpers, Wassenaar | Overige activiteiten: leiden van workshops en kunstevenementen, adviseren van kunstverzamelaars] Download hier mijn uitgebreide cv (Optional)

the studio

In her work she tries to define the balance between nature and the malleable world, or call it the competition between fate and a tight orquestrated life. The solution of the problem often is the goal in our society, therefore we try very hard to understand everything that’s happening. Fantasy and chaos might be on hand.

The relation between people and nature is a recurring theme. She likes to swap these worlds as we often tend to do. Think of a petshop nowadays. You’ll find the robe for your pet matching your own clothing.

As a contrast to chaos you can find very strict designs in her work. Always looking for the perfect line, the perfect curve she likes to create a mapping of her own world.

Helene creates and exhibits in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Her work consists of paintings, sculptures and designs and is commissioned by corporations, governmental organisations and private clients. She moves freely between different disciplines, using a wide range of techniques and materials.




my work consists of


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